• People Business Case Studies Volume 1 eBook

The first of the people focussed volumes collects together 15 case studies that explore some of the most pressing and hottest issues facing modern business, from human resource (HR) to diversity. To make sure your school or university gets the most from the e-book, teachers can opt for the ‘Network Licence’.

The e-book is a great digestible way to get all the info you need, whether you’ve just started your GCSEs, deciding on your A-Levels or you’re halfway through a degree. It’s easy to relate to the topics, especially with the issues around diversity and how individuals can help influence a business. The case studies have been written alongside businesses, offering a real insight into how companies approach working patterns and representation etc.

The info in the e-book doesn’t just have to stay in the classroom; it’s a useful revision tool, one to brush up on at your own convenience or engage with in groups. If you’re already familiar with the topics in this volume why not have a look at the others.

The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online. 
The titles of the business studies case studies included in this eBook are:
  • Competitive advantage through diversity 

This case study demonstrates how Tarmac is benefiting from developing a diverse workforce.

  • Using diversity and inclusion to build a competitive edge

The case study demonstrates how businesses can create a strategy that incorporates a more diverse workforce in order to gain an edge over competitors.

  • The business benefits of diversity

This case study describes how Lloyds TSB uses a sexual orientation strategy as part of its diversity programme to deliver improved business benefits.  

  • Positive about disability

The case study shows that developing positive working practices that deal with disability benefits both employers and employees.  

  • Investing in people and in brands

This case study identifies the important contribution that human resources make to brand image.  

  • Developing a Human Resource strategy

case study focuses on Human Resource Management (HRM) within Tarmac. It looks at how workforce planning and other HR strategies enable Tarmac to meet its mission.  

  • Building Human Resources to provide a foundation for growth

This case study explores the importance of customer service as part of the overall product offered by organisations.  

  • Acas and effective workplaces

case study helps students understand how Acas improves employer/employee relations so workplaces become more effective and productive.  

  • UNISON and unions' wider role

This case study explains why employers and employees need to agree on what is fair in the workplace.  

  • Negotiation and representation at work

This case study shows how UNISON is working with employers to support and develop high quality apprenticeship schemes for young people in line with government policy.  

  • Workforce planning at British Gas

This case study explores how British Gas manages the recruitment and selection of new employees.  

  • Meeting business needs through workforce planning

This case study looks at why the FCO needs people with transferable skills who can adapt easily and undertake many different roles and responsibilities within the organisation.  

  • Managing workforce requirements

This case study shows how a dynamic and growing company needs to recruit new people with new skills to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century.  

  • Flexible working patterns at the Audit Commission

This case study shows how the Audit Commission has implemented flexible working practices to improve its services and meet the changing needs of its staff.  

  • Changing work patterns at Lloyds TSB

This case study shows how Lloyds TSB uses flexible working patterns to attract, appoint, motivate and retain its staff in order to deliver the highest levels of customer service.  

Product Details
Pages: 61
Language: English
Publisher: Business Case Studies (15 February 2013)
ISBN: 978-1-909918-08-5
Number of volumes: 4
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Our eBook volumes have case studies covering a wide variety of real business studies areas from:
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People Business Case Studies Volume 1 eBook

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