• Edition 14 Business Case Studies CD-ROM

This Edition 14 CD contains 40 unique and useful case studies that helps bring businesses closer to your education, offering you a fuller, more rounded understanding of the curriculum and the corporate world. To make sure your whole school or university is able to get access to the CD, your teacher can opt for the ‘Network Licence’.

All the case studies on this disk are interesting and engaging, especially the popular London 2012 case study, which explores how a clear set of values and vision helped deliver the impressive London Olympic and Paralympic games. There’s even an eye opening study profiling Dragon’s Den tycoon Duncan Bannatye, charting his rise from a £450 ice-cream van, to being one of the UK’s most well-known and successful entrepreneurs.

While this edition is a helpful way for your teacher or lecturer to illustrate aspects of the business studies curriculum, it’s also a great revision tool on your home computer, just select the ‘Single user Licence’ option.

The titles of the business studies case studies included on this edition 14 CD ROM are:
  • New technology development in the primary sector

This case study focuses on how Anglo American carries out new product and process development.  

  • The product life cycle and online fashion

This case study shows how ASOS.com uses the product life cycle to ensure its product portfolio continues to meet the needs of its customers and provide up-to-date fashions in the fast-moving online retail industry.

  • From ice-cream van to Dragons' Den - Duncan Bannatyne

This case study focuses on Duncan Bannatyne, one of the UK's best-known entrepreneurs.  

  • Supporting new business start-ups

This case study looks at the challenges of setting up a new business and at some of the decisions that must be made by a budding entrepreneur.  

  • Workforce planning at British Gas

This case study explores how British Gas manages the recruitment and selection of new employees.

  • The importance of effective communication

This case study shows how building societies communicate with their own members on many different levels.

  • Sustainable performance in the construction industry

This case study examines how CEMEX locates and carries out its operations in a sustainable way.  

  • Improving strategic decision making

This case study looks at a structured approach to decision making. It shows how CIMA-trained management accountants have the skills to offer strategic, practical advice and can contribute to effective decision at all business levels.  

  • Enterprise in the fast lane

This case study focuses on the entrepreneur Peter Cruddas, who set up his own business CMC Markets in the early 1990s with just £10,000 capital.  

  • Product development through continuous improvement

This case study focuses on how Corus used its knowledge and experience of continuous improvement (CI) to win new business.  

  • Managing firms through the business cycle

This case study examines how Davis Service Group, one of Britain's key service companies, has managed the recent change in the business cycle.  

  • Recruitment and selection at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

This case study explores how Enterprise ensures it has the right people and skills to achieve its business aims and objectives.

  • Using customer service to position a business

This case study shows how the online bank first direct positions itself in the retail banking sector.  

  • Investing in safety

This case study shows how FirstGroup, the world’s leading transport company, has developed a safety culture.  

  • Delivering the mission statement

This case study examines how the FCO meets its goals through the skills and competencies of its people.

  • Developing people through training

The case study will show how training and development is central to the work of the Forestry Commission and how it benefits the career development of its people.  

  • Highways Agency - PEST analysis

This case study looks at the political, economic, social and technological factors that impact on the Highways Agency.  

  • SWOT analysis and sustainable business planning

This case study will show why IKEA believes a strong environmental stance is good business practice.

  • Protecting the marketing mix through intellectual property rights

This case study looks at how one technology company, Forensic Pathways, has used legal safeguards for a new development.  

  • Roles and responsibilities within an organisational structure

This case study shows how these different roles can be organised within the structure of KBR to enable it to achieve its mission.  

  • Supply chain from manufacturing to shelf

This case study shows how Kellogg's fulfils its mission in the later parts of the supply chain from manufacturing to shelf.  

  • Becoming a lean service organisation

This case study shows how the process of reform, using lean production principles, is helping the Legal Services Commission to cut down on any wasteful expenditure.  

  • Positive about disability

The case study shows that developing good positive working practices that deal with disability benefits both employers and employees.  

  • London 2012 - achieving the vision

This case study shows how creating a clear vision and set of values has made it possible to establish clear objectives for delivering an unforgettable Olympic and Paralympic Games in London 2012.  

  • Developing a marketing plan

The study focuses on how a company can respond to changes in consumer expectations, external influences and business aims to achieve those objectives.  

  • Developing people through decision making 

This case study explores the way in which RWE npower delegates responsibility to extend the capabilities of its employees.  

  • Developing a motivated workforce

This study will show how developing a motivated workforce enables NDA to deliver safe and sustainable solutions to nuclear clean-up and waste management.  

  • Management styles in the oil and gas industry

This case study examines how different management styles may be necessary to support the variety of job roles within the oil and gas industry.  

  • Using the marketing mix to drive change

This study explores how Parcelforce Worldwide responded to increased competition by using the marketing mix or 4Ps.  

  • Lean production at Portakabin

This case study focuses on how Portakabin uses lean production methods to ensure it produces a quality product that gives value to the customer.  

  • Recruitment and selection in the energy industry

This case study focuses on how ScottishPower manages its recruitment and selection processes to attract people with relevant skills and competencies into the energy industry.

  • Balancing stakeholder needs

The case study examines how stakeholders influence the achievement of Shell’s aims and how the company seeks to meet the needs of all of its stakeholders and balance the social, economic and environmental impacts of its work.  

  • Motivation within a creative environment

This case study demonstrates how Siemens provides an innovative environment as part of its overall focus on motivating its people.

  • Developing an effective organisational structure

The case study shows how Syngenta operates though a matrix structure. This involves staff from different departments working together in teams on specific projects and tasks.  

  • How roles and functions contribute to organisational performance

This case study focuses on how the people in Tarmac Quarry Materials deliver the highest value for customers, communities, employees and investors.  

  • Ethical trading and sustainable business

This case study explains that companies can balance ethical trading as well as growing their businesses.  

  • How training and development supports business growth

This case study looks at how Tesco provides training and development opportunities for its employees.  

  • Ethically serving stakeholders

This case study shows how The Co-operative Group's values contribute to improving the diet and health of the UK.  

  • Use of PEST analysis at UNISON

This case study focuses on the issues faced by migrant workers in the UK.  

  • Using technology to improve economies

This case study highlights Vodafone's activities in different types of economies and the impact of technology on both developed and developing markets.  

Note: If you would like to add the contents of this CD-ROM to your school or university network then please select the 'Network licence' option. If this is for your own personal use please select the 'Single user licence' option.

The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online. 

Instead of buying all of the Editions CD-ROMs individually, as an alternative you can buy The Editions Collection which contains all Editions from 10-16 together in one handy CD-ROM!

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Edition 14 Business Case Studies CD-ROM

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