• Operations CD ROM - Volume 2
The second of the operations CDs compliments the first with a further 19 case studies. Each case study is presented in a friendly and easy-to-digest format, looking at the importance of customer service and how the most successful businesses care for and value their customers. Teachers are able to make sure your entire school or university can access the e-book by opting for the ‘Network Licence’.
While operations can be tricky to get the hang of, the CD offers plenty of interesting studies from new technology development to quality customer care and innovation, among others. This volume, like the first one, is designed in such a way that it’s helpful for any students, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re only starting your GSCEs or if you’re getting close to finishing a degree.
The CD is a helpful resource in the classroom, library or lecture theatre, but it’s also a great way to revise from the comfort of your own home, just choose the ‘Single user Licence’ option and pop it in your computer. Both volumes are available in one handy operations collection.  
The titles of the business studies case studies included on this CD ROM are:
  • Critical path analysis at Network Rail

This case study highlights the importance of planning for major projects and how using Critical Path Analysis contributes to efficient and effective use of resources.  

  • Delivering a superior customer experience 

This case study examines how TNT’s Customer Promise reflects its core strategy of customer focus and aligns with its corporate values to influence the organisation’s culture.  

  • The importance of customer service at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

This case study demonstrates the importance and emphasis that Enterprise Rent-A-Car places on the role of excellent customer service in growing the business.  

  • Using customer service to position a business

This case study shows how the online bank First Direct positions itself in the retail banking sector.  

  • The importance of customer service

This case study explains what and illustrates what is meant by a customer focused culture through using examples of how Homebase employees operate.  

  • The importance of excellent customer service

This case study helps students appreciate that in order to maintain a steady level of success businesses need to nurture a decent relationship with its customers.  

  • Sustainable performance in the construction industry

This case study examines how CEMEX locates and carries out its operations in a sustainable way.  

  • Locating a business to enhance the customer experience

This case study focuses on how Enterprise Rent-A-Car decides where to locate its new or relocated branches.  

  • New technology development in the primary sector

This case study focuses on how Anglo American carries out new product and process development.  

  • Developing new products

This case study outlines key stages in new product development, differentiating between qualitative and quantitative market research and explain the significance of market segments.  

  • Using innovation to create competitive advantage

The case study focuses on how innovation can be utilised in order to gain an advantage over competitors in any given market or industry.  

  • Implementing quality systems

The case study showcases Bs role in creating standards for products (including materials, hardware, software and services), processes and systems.  

  • The importance of quality in creating competitive advantage

This case study explains how the ability to provide quality consistently gives some companies competitive advantage and demonstrates the importance of offering customers high quality service.  

  • Creating quality customer care

This case study examines how Zurich brings quality to life in the care it provides for its customers every day.  

  • How innovation drives research and development

This case study will look at the processes of research and development (R&D) at ARM and show how these support the company’s leading market position.  

  • Taking a long-term view - developing fuels for the future

This case study demonstrates why businesses take a long-term view of sustainable business practice and investment.  

  • Using research and development to improve agricultural productivity

This case study looks at the research and development (R&D) process as part of product development and its importance to environmental sustainability.  

  • Product design through research and development

This case study shows how research and development (R&D) is central to building Syngenta's product range.

  • Quality through standards

This case study helps students understand the importance of quality and how standards help organisations delivery quality.  

Note: If you would like to add the contents of this CD ROM to your school or university network then please select the 'Network licence' option. If this is for your own personal use please select the 'Single user licence' option.

The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online. 

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Operations CD ROM - Volume 2

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