• Operations CD ROM - Volume 1

In the first of two CDs, you’ll get to grips with the tricky operations side of the curriculum with 19 unique and easy-to-read case studies. You’ll be able to brush up on lean production, continuous improvement and even learn what’s involved in keeping the chocolate industry sustainable. To make sure your whole school or university can get access to the CD, your teacher can opt for the ‘Network Licence’.

The volume is useful no matter what stage you’re at with your education, if you’re just making up your mind about your GSCE options and want to see if a career in business might be worth pursing, the case studies offer real insight into the corporate world. They’re also great tools for A-Level and university students looking to brush up on the curriculum. Inside there’s case studies on health and safety, competitive advantage and growth.

While the CD is helpful in classrooms and libraries, you can also use it to revise on your home computer.  

The titles of the business studies case studies included in this eBook are:
  • Continuous improvement - the Corus way

This case study helps students understand how companies train, develop and communicate with staff to delivery continuous improvement.  

  • Continuous improvement as a business strategy

This case study focuses on the process of Continuous Improvement (CI) at the CCI steel plate manufacturing mill at Scunthorpe. It shows how Corus is finding new ways of achieving its objectives from existing resources.  

  • Product development through continuous improvement

This case study focuses on how Corus used its knowledge and experience of continuous improvement (CI) to win new business.  

  • Continuous improvement within an organisation

This case study looks at how the use of Kaizen can achieve improved productivity and a culture of continuous improvement.  

  • Creating a sustainable chocolate industry

This case study explains BCCCA’s role in providing a focus for UK chocolate manufacturers to work together on non-competitive issues.  

  • Combining factors of production to achieve growth objectives

This case study identifies the four factors of production, the importance to the nature of enterprise and its central role in producing goods and services efficiently.  

  • Investing in safety

This case study shows how FirstGroup, the world’s leading transport company, has developed a culture of safety.  

  • Adding value through health and safety

This case study explains in detail how Portakabin implements health and safety policy and highlights the benefits this brings to the business.  

  • Health and safety in the workplace

This case study helps students understand the role of unions and their role in Health and Safety.  

  • Success through managing quality, safety, customer service and cost

This case study helps students understand operations management – balancing safety, quality, customer service and cost.  

  • Competitive advantage through efficiency

This case study will demonstrate how Aldi uses a lean approach to its business operations to offer its customers quality products at competitive prices.  

  • Becoming a lean service organisation

This case study shows how the process of reform (using lean production principles) is helping the Legal Services Commission to cut down on any wasteful expenditure.  

  • Lean production at Portakabin 

This case study focuses on how Portakabin uses lean production methods to ensure it produces a quality product that gives value to the customer.  

  • The importance of sustainable purchasing and supply

This case study explores the role of purchasing and supply in the oil and gas industry.  

  • Managing stock to meet customer needs

This case study shows how important effective management of stock is for an organisation in both meeting customer needs and controlling costs.  

  • Supporting agriculture to create sustainable development

This case study helps students understand why a sustainable supply chain is important for manufacturers.  

  • Building a sustainable supply chain

This case study looks in detail how IKEA has achieved its aim to be a responsible business in each of the three sectors of the supply chain.  

  • Supply chain from manufacturing to shelf

This case study shows how Kellogg's fulfils this mission in the later parts of the supply chain from manufacturing to shelf.

  • Managing the supply chain to meet customer needs

This case study focuses on how the second largest grocery brand in the UK - Warburtons - manages its supply chain.  

Note: If you would like to add the contents of this CD ROM to your school or university network then please select the 'Network licence' option. If this is for your own personal use please select the 'Single user licence' option.

The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online. 

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Operations CD ROM - Volume 1

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