Strategy case studies

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Shell A3 ePoster Edition 14 "Balancing stakeholder needs"
Spider diagram showing all the key stakeholders of Shell. Digital download prints in A3 size...
Primark A3 ePoster Edition 16 "Engaging with stakeholders"
Highlights Primark's key external stakeholders in a spider diagram. Digital download prints i..
CMC A3 ePoster Edition 14 "Enterprise in the fast lane"
Entrepreneurship diagram looking at risk taking and innovation. Digital download prints in A3..
Npower A3 ePoster Edition 14 "Developing people through decision making"
Pyramid diagram showing the different types of decision making such as strategic, tactical and op..
Foreign Commonwealth Office A3 ePoster Edition 14 "Delivering the mission statement"
Flow chart showing how a mission statement links to aims, objectives, strategy and outcomes. ..
Vodafone A3 ePoster Edition 13 "Stakeholders in recycling and re-use at Vodafone"
Spider diagram highlighting key stakeholders and their impacts. Digital download prints in A3..
UNISON A3 ePoster Edition 13 "Driving forward environmental business"
Flow chart demonstrating relationship between aims, SMART objectives, strategy and tactics for UN..
Parcelforce A3 ePoster Edition 13 "Customer service as strategy"
The 'What, Why, Who and How' of customer service at Parcelforce Worldwide. Digital download p..
Davis Service Group A3 ePoster Edition 13 "Growing a company by international acquisition"
Column structure comparing features and benefits of organic versus inorganic growth. Digital ..
Intellectual Property Office A3 ePoster Edition 13 "Intellectual property rights and entrepreneurship"
  Digital download prints in A3 size. ..
Enterprise Rent-A-Car A3 ePoster Edition 12 "Customer satisfaction"
Chart showing what customer satisfaction is, benefits, impacts and how it can be measured Dig..
Primark A3 ePoster Edition 15 "Providing consumers with ethically sourced garments"
Spider diagram demonstrating Primark's commitment to acting ethically. Digital download print..
Royal Bank of Scotland A3 ePoster Edition 12 "Motivation"
Maslow's hierarchy of needs Digital download prints in A3 size. ..
OPITO A3 ePoster Edition 15 "Sectors of industry"
Chart outlining the three sectors of industry (primary, secondary and tertiary) with examples of ..
TNT A3 ePoster Edition 16 "Delivering a business strategy"
Demonstrates the relationship between TNT's strategy, mission, values and aims and objectives. ..