Marketing case studies

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Intellectual Property Office A3 ePoster Edition 14 "Protecting the marketing mix through intellectual property rights"
Diagram highlighting the process of market research leading to the 4 Ps and the importance of pro..
Kia A3 ePoster Edition 16 "Using sports marketing to engage with consumers"
Highlights how Kia's marketing strategy, marketing objectives and above and below the line promot..
UNISON A3 ePoster Edition 16 "Using promotion to campaign for public services"
Demonstrates the purpose of promotion in the context of UNISON, looking at business objectives, a..
IKEA A3 ePoster Edition 14 "SWOT analysis and sustainable business planning"
Diagram outlining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for IKEA. Digital down..
Parcelforce A3 ePoster Edition 14 "Using the marketing mix to drive change"
Diagram showing the marketing mix in context at Parcelforce (place, product, promotion and price)..
Wilkinson A3 ePoster Edition 13 "Marketing strategy for growth"
Ansoff's matrix used to highlight the marketing strategies available to Wilkinson and which used ..
Skoda A3 ePoster Edition 13 "SWOT analysis in action at Skoda"
SWOT diagram highlighting factors Skoda addressed in enhancing brand perception. Digital down..
First Direct A3 ePoster Edition 13 "Using market research to relaunch a brand"
Flow chart illustrating the relationship and benefits of primary and secondary research. Digi..